About Kalanit

Hi! I'm Kalanit, and welcome to Kosher Granola!

It is good to be back after a couple of years of a hiatus.  A lot has changed since my last steady blogging block of time. I am now divorced.  My children have gotten older, and so have I.  My oldest son is successfully working, and learning to navigate adulthood. My middle child, but oldest daughter, is almost done with high school, and leads a private life. I will likely not be including many entries that involve her.  My youngest is still being homeschooled, in 5th grade now, and is still filled with joy and song.  

I hope by beginning to blog again, I can get back into touch with processing life in a meaningful and positive way, and focus on sharing that which is important to me. I have truly missed blogging.  As before, I love comments and feedback within the blog post, but even if that doesn't occur, and I don't recover my readership, the act of writing (however poorly I may write) is therapeutic for me. 

I hope you enjoy if anyone is out there reading this! (Hi, Danny!) 


Unknown said…
I always have, and still do, enjoy reading your writings.
- Danny -
Unknown said…

Wishing you a happy new year.

I'm hopeful that 2019 brings each of us peace, joy, (positive energy), and happiness.

- Danny -