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Yom Kippur 5779

It is that time again. The time when we look into our behavior, and our actions, and our intentions toward others. We pull out the specific times we have wronged people, and we wonder if we have done enough to make it right. Have we communicated our regret.  It is through this self-evaluation, and through acknowledging specific shortcomings as it relates to others, that we are able to move forward in the New Year.  
It is hard to admit mistakes. It is humiliating at times. It knocks the ego down. It makes us realize we are not as nice as we like to think we are.  But this is what we do. As Jews, we find it within us to pull out the memory of our unforgiven wrongs, and we attempt to make them right.

This isn't just an act of righting wrongs. This is an act of revelation. We are revealing our true Self that has been marred and dirtied by our moving through life, by our wrong decisions, our impulsive reactions, our improper dealings.  This is the time that we strip ourselves of thes…

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