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Shabbat & Tisha B'Av

Shabbat Shalom, you fantastic humans! May we all share in a measure of rest, meaning, joy, community, and love! 
After Shabbat, directly, we move into Tisha B'Av, a day of yearning, a day of focusing. Mourning focuses our attention on the deceased, and our appreciation for that individual grows. We become acutely aware how much we really want them in our lives. And the sadness comes in when we realize they are no longer here. 
Guess what, though? G-d isn't dead. Though we mourn the destruction of temple as if G-d is not present, what would Tisha B'Av look like if we focused on what life would be like with the presence of G-d in it? What if we used our focus to realize how much we want to experience the Divine, and then set out to do just that? 
Tonight, tomorrow, I dive into the joy that is Shabbat. Tomorrow night I mourn. And Sunday, I realize G-d did not die, and that awareness and that focus tunes me into realizing I am not mourning G-d; rather, I am seeking G-d.

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