Zane's Questions - Section 3

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Section 3 - 8 questions

1. What is the most beautiful thing you saw today?

The most beautiful thing I saw today was two people sitting down to discuss their relationship, basically checking in with each other to see how each is doing. Yes, that was Will and me. Still, it is beautiful - communication and vulnerability and willingness.

2.  Have you ever been snorkeling?

I have not and I really have not had any real desire to do so. Two of my favorite animals live in the water - Beluga whales and octopuses. I don't think they could be observed by snorkeling but if they could, my desire to do so might kick up a degree.

3.  Describe your first art teacher.

I don't remember having an art teacher until high school. I have always known her name but in this moment, I am forgetting it. She was petite, her voice froggie, her energy high. I loved art growing up, but didn't get a lot of attention in this class, or encouragement. The teacher was good at what she did artistically, but like a lot of artists I know, was drawn to "beautiful" people. That wasn't me. Those students got a lot of encouragement, one-on-one help, extensions to project due dates, and specialized direction.

4.  What is a thing that you really wanted to have as a kid that you never got?

This question could go two ways! One way, the answer is attention/validation/interest. I was a hyper child, and my parents couldn't tolerate it. It caused my mom to ignore me or over-medicate me, and my dad to beat me. That being said, don't feel bad for me. I made it through my childhood, and I don't harbor grudges and I have not become an unhealthy person due to it.  The other way, the answer is a GI Joe. I have no idea why I wanted one, but I did, and I never got it. I eventually got the Pound Puppy I wanted, and eventually got the Cabbage Patch doll I wanted, but never did get the GI Joe.

5.  What is the meanest things you have ever said to someone?

I've said plenty of mean things throughout my life, usually out of feeling overly vulnerable or PMS crabby when I was bit older. Can I remember the meanest thing I ever said? Probably not. I can say it probably hit straight to the core of another person's insecurity. I don't do that often, but especially when I was younger and more impulsive, I have engaged in not being as nice in some situations as I wish I had been.

6.  Have you ever thrown up in public?

Yes, every single time I have been pregnant. Every. Single. Time.  In other people's lawns after pulling the car over, in trash cans in a store, in bathroom toilets without the door shut because there simply wasn't time, etc. I threw up for 24 weeks with Alia and 17 weeks with Nevi. Every day. Multiple times a day. 

7.  Would you rather grow a tail or sprout horns?

Sprout horns. They are less intrusive to day to day life. They could be incorporated into fashion with either accessories or with hairdo preparation. And I am Jewish after all...(bad joke - sorry!)

8.  What were your first sleepover experiences?

At first I was thinking my first sleepover experiences were with the Young household (Tori and I) but upon a little reflection, it was with Janie White! This is when we lived in Blue Springs, MO, and I was in the 5/6 maybe 7 year age range.  I loved to go to Janie's house. They had a humongous beanbag in the corner of their family room. Almost as tall as the ceiling. When I spent the night there, we would pull that thing out, and her brother Mike, Janie, and I would watch cartoons sitting on it. I am not sure what their background is, but they all had beautiful brown skin, jet-black straight hair, and delicious foods that I don't remember completely but was always excited to see what was made as we did not eat these foods at home. Being the overly pale kid with frizzy reddish hair, I always admired Janie's long, straight black hair!  Janie and I took tap together, and used to perform together to a song called "My Magic Hat is Magic." We used to go with others (adults) to nursing homes, malls, other places.  We went on just after the 2 dancers who danced to "Hit the Road, Jack." That song was our cue to get ready.  Between the beanbag, the food, tap dance practice (which we always did at sleepovers) and just the lovely kind friendship Janie and I shared, sleepovers there were always a good time.