Zane's Questions - Section 4

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Section 4 - 5 Questions

1.  Describe a piece of artwork that was in your childhood home.

There was an African statue called "The Beggar" that was in our sitting room, main visible item from entering the front door. It was tall - when I was 12, I think I was the same height of it. The person in it was thin, and stood slightly bent with a tall cane or tree branch at his side. He held a dish/bowl close to him.  After I read The Hunger Artist, I visualized this statue at the main character of that story. The story of how it was acquired is longish. The shortest version is that a man saved my dad's life in Vietnam. He was face down in a puddle after being hit by shrapnel.  This guy crawled out in the crossfire, and dragged my dad back to safety. Years later, he hit hard times, this hero. For a variety of reasons, my mother did not want to help this family in any meaningful way and so my dad would go to his shop on Cherokee, and buy artwork to help his out. This piece, The Beggar, is from his shop. I wish I had it now. I have no clue what happened to it. I liked the piece, though. 

2.  Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

 When I am hot, I think I would rather be too cold, and when too cold, I would rather be too hot. That being said, when I get too hot, I pass out so it is probably safer to choose cold.

3.  How many pets have you had in your lifetime?

9 dogs; 8 cat

4.  What did you wear for your first grade school photos?

I have no memory of this, and my parents generally didn't buy the school pictures.

5.  If you had to pick three people in your life to name as your "fairy godmothers," who would they be?

I had trouble answering this with Rachael when we went over some of these questions a few Shabbats ago. Hrmmmm...I really don't have any fairy godmothers or fathers for that matter. At one time, Boulter Kelsey was a close fairy godfather. My fairy godmothers are my friends - the ones who step in to help me up when I fall down, who celebrate successes with me, who call when I isolate, who remember me when I have forgotten myself. Rachael. Tegan. Danielle.