Losing It Slowly (Hebrew That Is)

Slowly I've been losing my Hebrew skills. I am one of those people who can't memorize well, and so when I daven or read text, none of it is from memorization and all of it is me reading.  A lot of things contributed to this loss of skill...

(1) Teaching children on Shabbat and missing out on 1 year of services

(2) Taking a year off of services the very next year due to fatigue and family matters


Now, though, there is no excuse. I need to improve the accuracy of my Hebrew reading, gain back some word-meaning skills, and read much more quickly than I do right now (which is slower than a snail!). 

I have also lost my laining skills but that will have to wait for now. Beginning tonight, I am getting off the old tukkis and am going to begin an Advanced Hebrew Reading course. My highest hope is that my vocabulary understanding improves and that I can begin to read much more quickly. 

Wish me luck!


Kelly said…
Good luck!