51 on 1/5

 Yes, it happened. I turned 51 years old somehow.  I've never understood this phenomenon of it being rude to ask someone's age or to tell one's age. It is just a number, and it puts life experience and events into perspective. I've never been embarrassed to offer my age nor do I find it offensive if someone were to ask me. I have been here for over 50 years on this earth, in this Universe. I am a child of the 70s, a teen of the 80s, a young adult of the 90s, and so it goes.   

Birthdays are not something I usually make a big deal out of. In the past, my gig has been to find lovely dive bars around St. Louis, invite lots of friends, and have a drink there for my birthday. I have found some great bars that way, and enjoy a lot of fun memories with my friends. Due to COVID, that clearly was not possible this year!

Instead, my morning began with coffee in bed and a gift from my husband -- a desk for the bed!

Upon coming downstairs, Nevi had spent the whole evening the night before cleaning the sitting room, dining room, and the extremely dirty kitchen as a birthday surprise for me! Not only that, she had set up fresh flowers, a candle, my favorite candy, and a tray on the dining table, and was in the middle of cooking me some tofu scramble!

From there, it was off to get me a winter coat! My coat somehow shrank (or I somehow gained too many pounds for it to fit properly).  First store we went to ended up being the place I found my coat. It is really warm, and is rated for -14 degrees F weather.

Will and I also drove around for a while, sipping coffee, talking and laughing. Once home, and after a looooong nap, Tegan came by for some wine, and then it was time for a pedicure! We were both masked, and no one was sitting nearby (they have 6 seats between each person which is well over 6 feet in distance).  The toes look great and the feet feel wonderful!

Dinner with the kids and movies projected on the wall finished the evening. It was overall one of my most favorite birthdays!