Cool Breeze


Neviyah is doing much better. After a scary weekend of choking, coughing, losing her voice, sounding croup-y, and projectile vomiting the medicine, we decided to go homeopathic and nixed the meds for gripe water. It is working wonderfully. Neviyah's voice is back, she is not choking or coughing or projectile vomiting. Although we can tell she is feeling much better, she still isn't 100%.

Since she was doing so much better, I did go to Fiddler on the Roof. The weather could not have been better. Cool breeze, clear sky, great company. Although Tevye didn't look or sound the way I expected, the actor's interpretation of the character grew on me and in the end, I think he did a fine job.

By 10:30 pm, though, I was fighting to stay awake and there was still a little over an hour left. I played little tricks with myself. The long blink. The double eye rub. A couple of times I abruptly opened my eyes and did the body-jerk after I had accidentally succumbed to the long blink. Try that one!

As much as I loved the play and enjoyed the company of my friends, my body needed to sleep. It was well after midnight when I arrived home exhausted to find that Nevi had refused taking a bottle.

Yes, my little sweet pea had no desire to artifically consume momma's milk. Even so, she did not fuss. She patiently waited for me to return so that she could get the good-stuff from her momma.

Nevi gettin' the good-stuff on her first day of life!