Death. Birth. And Memories.

I have pretty much been unable to track time lately. If I missed your birthday--sorry. I barely know what day it is much less being able to connect said day to past, future or current events. However, as the Welcoming ceremony for Neviyah has been approaching--the ceremony welcoming her life and entrance into the tribe of Israel--my thoughts included that of death.

Maybe it is because I found out recently that Peter passed away and I am reminded of him every time I see Timmy on Facebook. Maybe it is because Alia has had 7 Afraican drawf frogs die in the last two weeks. Regardless, it has been looming.

Then today, at the Welcoming ceremony, my friend Sue came to me and said, "You know what today is?"

Did I know? At that moment, no, I did not. But it clicked inside. Today, four years ago, Boulter* died. The 24th of August.

How ironic that Neviyah's naming was on this day! I was resenting this day because four good friends could not come today--all were out of town--Carol, Enid, Celeste and Neshama. But this was the day we had arranged. It was the day that Rabbi Rose chose for her welcome. I even considered changing the day. But you know me. I believe too strongly in things happening when they are supposed to. If I changed the already set-in-stone date, I could affect destiny. Or something hokey like that.

Alas, the perfect day!

I almost feel as if Boulter was welcoming her to the tribe. The day of his death and the birth of her ceremony. I didn't go with the name of the ceremony that most people use. Instead, I went with Brit HaChayim, Covenant of Life. Now I understand. Now it makes sense. The connection is there.

Yes, the connection is there.

*Boulter is my beloved late friend and former boss, psuedo father figure and all around great person whose death affected me very deeply.