A Doctor Visit


Today was Neviyah's doctors appointment. He confirmed the GERD diagnosis. He told us that gripe water was fine to treat her. He told us to discontinue the Zantac. If the gripe water isn't doing the trick, we can also use 1ml of Mylanta. He confirmed that the bark-like cough at night is part of GERD as well as all of the stuffiness in her nose. He said she will likely grow out of it. He also checked her ears and throat which looked good.

Here are her stats:
  • 12 pounds 11 ounces (25 percentile)

  • 25 1/2 inches long (88 percentile)

  • 16 1/4 inches head circumference (56 percentile)
Looks like we will have another tall, skinny one!

We decided to continue to put off immunizations. The doctor said that was fine and we can discuss again at her 6-month appointment.

Chandler had his first day of school today. He says that 8th grade is going to be hard...they have "higher expectations and you only get 45 seconds to get to the next class." He also said it was "pretty boring." Right now, he is mowing at his first real job--the neighbor's house. He will mow their lawn, front and back, two times a month for $20 each cut. He is pretty excited to be potentially earning $40 a month.