Yes. I said, "Oy!" You will see why.

Setting: Rabbi Rose's office. I am early. I breastfeed Neviyah. He comes out.

"Come in!" he says. "Are you ready or do you need more time?"

I tell him that I am ready. I ask him to bring my stuff in. By stuff, I mean Nevi's car seat and my purse resting inside of it. He brought it into his office as I carried Neviyah at my breast into his office.

Then Rabbi Rose said, "Didn't you leave something else on the chair?"

I looked at him and said, "No, I don't think so."

He said again, "Are you sure?" as he walked out the door, picked up my BOOB PAD and brought it in and handed it to me.

Yes. My rabbi picked up my boob pad (the one I use for soaking up my breast milk that I took out and placed next to me when I began to breastfeed in the waiting room) and handed it to me. Hello! My rabbi touched and brought to me my boob pad!

Yes. I wanted to shrink. I wanted to disappear.


I should mention that he stated as handing it to me that he is a father of four. Still! And then I had to have my meeting with him. Yes. An OY! was in order.



Anonymous said…
I'm still laughing!!! Horrifying and yet amusing a the same time. It could only happen to one of us.