I can't sleep.

Is it because my brain will not turn off? Or that I feel slightly nauseated? Or that the right side of my neck and shoulder ache a little? Or that my lower back hurts? If I had unusual fatigue, that would be all of the symptoms for a woman having a heart attack.

I have so much to do tomorrow. Clean the house. Buy ingrediants for Shabbat dinner. Buy everything necessary for the Baby Welcoming ceremony. Doesn't sound like much but I feel completely unprepared and unmotivated.

Neviyah is babbling almost constantly. She tried out same sounds with her tongue in her mouth, her toungue sticking out, her tongue midway. She blows bubbles and babbles. She hides her face shyly sometimes when we respond to her. She talks to us, the dogs, the TV, others that she assumes are speaking to her.

Her favorites items are a cloth diaper, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and a caterpiller rattle that is too heavy for her to keep close to her mouth. Each of these items are greeted with a squeal followed by pulling it to her mouth and rubbing her face in it.

The best noise, though, is the one she makes as she is in path to the boob. At our house, we call it nummy. As she becomes aware that she is progressing toward the nummy, she gets a huge smile across her face, repeatedly chuckles her unmistakable I-am-getting-nummy chuckle then opens wide right before contact. It is adorable!

Sometimes, she pops off a few times to look at me and smile. It is her I-love-your-boobs smile and really has nothing to do with the fact that I birthed her or love her so intensely.

Men and babies. All about the boobs.