Sometimes a person just has to laugh. Outloud.

Because sometimes life is unbearable. Let me rephrase that. Life is not unbearable, just the moment one is attempting to pass through is unbearable. Or at least it feels that way. Sometimes it makes me wonder...Who am I? Is this really my life? Who are these crazy players on my life stage? Am I the crazy one?

Sometimes I get nothing done at work. I come home to a messy house. Smart-mouthed teenager. Fit-throwing grade schooler. Demanding baby. Need I say an adjective to go with husband? Pick your favorite.

This is just sometimes. Today was a sometimes. And today I chose to laugh. To do otherwise would be a waste of energy. You know?



Anonymous said…
The middle picture is GREAT! I so rarely see you laughing that hard / uncontrollably. But it is a face i know well...What WAS it?