It amazes me that I gain weight. All my life, I have eaten. Everything. With no consequence. But now, I eat and that unexercisable area, just below my stomach, keeps growing. I almost appear to be 2 months pregnant. You would think I would care enough to, oh say, actually exercise or perhaps even reduce my eating. I do not. I ate two helpings of lasagna at Neshama's on Shabbos and tonight I had Afghani rice-something followed by Ted Drew's. Now I feel as if I am permanently glued to the seat.

Alia has her first soccer practice tomorrow. Wish her luck. I really have a hard time visualizing her running up and down a field. Last year, she had to be encouraged to participate in gym. That being said, she does really seem to enjoy Taekwondo and is pretty good at it. So, maybe she will enjoy soccer. We'll see.

Now, I wonder if I concentrate hard, I could somehow tele-tranport myself to my bedroom and skip the whole getting-up-to-walk-there thing.