You may think this is about Heidi and it would make sense. She is having twins. Boys. You can read about it at her blog located on the left navigation bar. Yes, over there. To the left. Or perhaps you think I am referring to Heidi because apparently everyone at the J-School* confuse us. They think Aliyah is Heidi's child or Jillian is my child. They think I am Heidi at drop off. They think Heidi is me in the hallway. Afterall, we look so-oooo much alike!

Sorry, Heidi. This is the only picture where we look remotely the same. And we look oh so similar, now don't we?

It is not, however, about Heidi and her twins or the fact that two totally different looking people are repeatedly confused as being the other.

No, it is about Rachael. My voice-twin. My book-twin. My social-awkward-twin. And yes, my embarrassing-moment-twin! She left a comment for me in the entry below and I had to laugh and laugh and laugh...and laugh some more because she is so right when she said that it could have only happened to her or to me.

This time it was me.

Next time it will be you, Rachael! Bwwwwwwwwwahahahahahah!

*J-School. No, it is not the real name of the school. I won't be posting that on this blog. So, J-School refers to Aliyah's school and P-School to Chan's.