My daughter, Neviyah, is laying across my lap trying to fall asleep. She is making noises as she sucks her finger. She is so tired, she cannot even open her eyes as she does this. Her noises gets louder then softer then louder again. Every once in a while, she pushes on my arm with her right foot. To make sure I am still there. And I am, of course. Here.

Trying to be present in the moment is a challenging thing. First of all, there is Facebook. I guess I could be present while in Facebook but mainly I think it is a distraction from the time that I should be present in the moment, non technically. Did that even make sense?!? The other challenging thing about being present in the moment is the mind (my mind, specifically) that most of the time refuses to...to put in nicely...shut up! When my brain is ON, is it ever ON!I worry, fantasize disaster and scenario situations that will never occur.

Somehow I think that being present in the moment is also about having the patience to hear other parties out and to experience what is being said, heard and hinted to. Patience with others is a strong point for me professionally; however, personally...not so good at the patience. At least lately.

And since my eyes are shutting as I type this...I will be on my way.


Rach said…
I hear ya! Facebook can definately take away from the moments of in-person life and you KNOW I get the disaster scenerio day dreams... it is hard not to think about those things you want to NOT think about (how's that for confusing!)