Did I mention that I am absolutely loving my new baby?

She is doing several new things now like grabbing and eating her feet, sucking on her lower lip like it is a binky, hiding her face shyly, anticipating tickles and kisses and seeking out the crunchy noise in her toys. Oh, and she is lightly touching hanging toys instead of whacking them around.

She has a new slew of toys that she is really enjoying. One is a little thing that goes on the car seat that has four little stuffed animals on it. The beauty of this $14.99 toy is that they cannot be dropped. They are always available. Little Bit loves that.

Then there is the new tropical playmat with overhead toys, a tummy time cushion and stand up toys around the edges. She can lay under it, swat at things, 1/2 roll over and scoot to the far corners. Big hit with the Nevster.

Lastly, there is Star. Star is a new blanket that I normally would not buy new as it is made in China. Somehow, she got a hold of it in the store (erm, Daddy?) and it is one of her favorite things to play with. Yes, it trumps Big Bird, Baby and Cookie at the moment.

We still need to hit a few more used stored to look for another exersaucer. Having one at work would be a blessing at this point!


Anonymous said…
I have a very nice exersaucer that I'm not using anymore. Circus theme and you can get interchangeable parts! Let me know if you want to borrow it.

You're in our thoughts as shabbat starts!