Pitter Patter


The day began with questions.

"Mommy, I think Neviyah is like Helen Keller." Aliyah determined.

"How so?" I respond.

"You know, Helen Keller got sick and then couldn't see or hear, and that teacher had to put her hand under the water. Remember? I think we will need to get that teacher for Nevi."

I assure her that Scarlet Fever and a bladder infection are very different. I tell her about Tylenol and how it helps reduce fevers. I reassure her that Neviyah will not be like Helen Keller with regard to becoming blind and deaf, but that it would wonderful if she were like Helen Keller in other regards. After all, Helen Keller graduated from college despite obstacles, was an inspiring author and speaker, and an activist for many causes such as peace, women's sufferage and worker's rights.

"Yeah." she says in response. "But you never know. We may have to get that teacher."

As I write this, my beautiful Neviyah is sleeping. We had her renal ultrasound this morning. It was uneventful except for her screams at not really wanting to lay there on the bed for it. It didn't help that her fever had just spiked and she just wanted some nummy. We will hopefully know the results soon though I am fairly confident she is just fine.

Last night went well, beyond her spitting out then vomiting up the entire antibiotic dose...and vomiting mass amounts of breastmilk at 5 a.m., thus necessitating a complete bed linen change. Other than that, she slept well, her disposition was calm and happy, and she was a little snuggly.



Rach said…
Glad to hear that Nevi is feeling a little better. We will miss you this weekend - I'm sure Nevi will ace all her tests! kisses to nevi for me and adeena