St. Something

We are at the local St. Something Hospital. Neviyah's fever was still spiking and she was intent on either vomiting or spitting up her medicine. The doctor asked us to go to the ER. The ER admitted us to the hospital. The scoop?

1. Neviyah is on intrevenous antibiotics to treat the urinary tract infection.

2. Neviyah has mild hydronephrosis. Hydronephrosis is when a kidney becomes distended or swollen with urine due to a blocked or narrowed ureter. This is caused mainly by vesicoureteral reflux (described below in previous blog entry), non-obstructive swelling and ureterpelvic junction obsrtuction which is a kinked ureter. This was discovered from the renal ultrasound.

3. Neviyah has a viral infection.

Neviyah has had a long acting dose of antibiotic already. They are culturing the infection in her urine and will change her antibiotic to whichever one does the best job to fight it.

With regard to the hydronephrosis, they want to determine, after she is well, a few of things. First, which came first--the bladder infection or the enlarged kidney. Second, does she have vesicoureteral reflux. Third, is her kidney still enlarged/swollen and if so, why.

Everything here is going well except for the kosher meals...they can't seem to find any non-meat kosher meals. I am starving, aggrevated and crabby! They just brought me a non-kosher meat tray. I have talked to the head of the dietary department. It isn't that hard. *sigh*


Unknown said…
So sorry to hear this. Our prayers on this Shabbat are with you.
Barry and Nancy Friedman
Anonymous said…
Oh Kimber, I am so sorry Nevi isn't better yet! I hope that you get some better news tomorrow. Take care!!!