The Testing


Today is the day that we had the follow up testing for Neviyah. That she was catherized, filled with contact material and x-rayed. Neviyah did not cry. She kept her sweet disposition throughout the entire procedure. She amazes me.

Immediately when they shot the dye into her, we could see it enter her bladder and shoot straight to her kidneys. Then as she peed the dye back out, the same thing occured. It flowed backwards toward the kidneys before descending the appropriate way.

Not the result we wanted.

The pediatrician called after he obtained the results and asked us to schedule an appointment with a particular urologist that he recommends. At this point, we have no idea what the urologist will want to do--antibiotics? surgery? something else?

We will keep you updated.



Anonymous said…
Poor Nevi - please let us know if we can do anything - if you need help with carpool or staying with the kids - whatever!