I came home from work yesterday and there was a sukkah on my deck. Just like that. It appeared. In my life right now, things just appear. Time is rushing by so quickly, I feel as if I am constantly playing catch up. I have no time to prepare. For anything. When a few a few moments, I am either dialed into work, helping one of the kids with homework or cleaning. I am really not digging it. At all.

Today Chandler told me that I was "stuck in a cave." Stuck in a cave? Apparently, he felt that we--Rob and I--were, you know, stuck in the '50s. Stuck in a cave = the 1950s. Why? Because, apparently, he doesn't think we are "up" on You Tube videos (huh?), and we are too "protective" because we will not allow him to have a Facebook page. I told him that he had now earned himself the right to watch Leave It to Beaver so that he could see how very 1950s our household is run.

Alia Drama Alert: In Alia's world, the fact that I had to count to three and threaten to remove a toy to get her to clean up her game sprawled all over the dining room table has caused her to "close her heart" to me. It will "never open back up because I was so mean to her." This, as she cried on my lap.

I asked, "Since your heart is closed to me, would you prefer to cry alone in your room? Or do you want to continue to sit on my lap and get hugs while you cry?" She shrugged her shoulders.

I told her, "Stay here and snuggle until you feel better. Mommy needs to snuggle, too. I hate it when I have to threaten to take a toy away for you to listen the first time. It makes me very sad to do that. I don't like to take things away to teach you how to listen. But that is my job. A parent has to teach a child how to listen and sometimes I have to do things that make me and sad and you sad. So, you see, I need to feel better, too, and your snuggles are helping me just like mine are helping you."

She sniffled a bit more then gave me a big hug. I asked her if she was okay now and she said yes. Hugs. Kisses. Off to the next drama!

Last update is on Neviyah. She was pretty cranky today. Nothing was making her happy. Naps were short-short-short. Bedtime was trying. Rare day for my Nevi. Hopefully today will be better!



Anonymous said…
Now I have to keep up if I'm going to get waves! :)
Anonymous said…
oh, and her name is Harriet I think...