No. It isn't a door creaking. It is my bones. My knees. My back. Even my neck. Age? Carrying a baby in a baby carrier? Crappy mattress? All of the above?

Last night we braved the cold to hear a local farmer talk about his growing practices. We are seriously considering joining an organic food co-op. I have been wanting to join a co-op for quite a few years but the right opportunity had not presented itself. This, I believe, may be the one. Hopefully the numbers will work out. I can't afford more that what we currently spend.

At some point, Aliyah fell asleep on Rob. Neviyah was in her winter pajamas, slung and covered with a blanket. Midway through the talk, though, I felt her little hands. Too cold for me. We went into the house. There was a wood stove and it was nice and toasty. There were two birds, one of which laughed, talked and hung upside down. Nevi *loved* that bird. Or at least the talking, whistling and squawking.

I am off to take some Tylenol with the hopes that my aches will subside so that I can sleep again.