Her First Meal


It was exciting. This first meal. I prepared it with intention. First, I steamed the sweet potato then pureed it in the food processor with breastmilk.

The I spooned it into two ice cube trays. The remaining became her first meal.

The I gave it a good stir...

The bib went on. Picked out by Rob, of course.

Neviyah grabbed the spoon. Each and every time, each and every bite!

Once the spoon was in, she would let go and suck on the spoon like it was nummy.

After the second bite, when she realized it wasn't medicine, she gave the "oh!" expression.

She really liked the sweet potatoes. She whined when it was gone and ravished the nummies like she had never eaten before. We followed with a little water.
It was really exciting. Chandler and Aliyah were in the kitchen with us and we were all laughing and smiling and squealing and pointing out her expressions.
The first meal. Nice!