It's Bananas...B-A-N-A-N-A-S


Bananas. This is what we tried after the whole grain rice cereal failed. Yes, I said failed. All that work to grind the whole brown rice. Cook it. Then puree it for good measure. She gagged on it. Cried. Clamped her mouth shut. We tried again later. No luck. Same response. So we tried bananas.

Instant hit.

She doesn't have much of an appetite as it is. Even with the sweet potato, she isn't overly anxious to have it. And she rarely wants more than a mere cube. Banana, though...her little jaws are wide open. Her eyes say, "More!" Even so, after a few little bites, she is done.

I wonder if this is her appetite or if it is affected by the antibiotic.

There is the new antibiotic prescription but I have not started using it yet. That is a whole other blog entry that maybe I will post another day. I am conflicted. Would I be me if I wasn't?