Lazy Nights and Nesting Afternoons


I have no less than ten blog entries swirling around in my head. I will post none of them. I am too busy. Nesting. Or something like that. You know I am a slob. Not a pretend one. A real one. For some reason (Heidi's pregnancy?), I am nesting. I cleaned, decluttered and reorganized my kitchen. I cleaned, decluttered and reorganized my dining room. I emptied each bookshelf, dusted and reorganized the books on them. I emptied, cleaned, decluttered and reorganized the diapering area. The rest of the family room is next. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?

Eckerts. Haunted Hay Ride. I had a great time. The whole family did. We had a private (well, sort of) concert from a countrified performer and it was fun, relaxing and a great evening. Thanks, Heidi and Dan, Jillian and Miles, baby boys, Grant and my own family! I really enjoyed myself.

I also really enjoyed services on Saturday. Chandler read Torah and did a decent job. Rabbi Rose was back to his normal-teaching-style-sermen which I really enjoy. Even though I don't really get to daven due to Little Bit, I enjoyed seeing Lisa and Jay, Rabbi Barry and Nancy and Heidi, Rabbi Lipnick and his wife (name is escaping me--bad me), the Browns and everyone else I got to see and hang out with the other day. It feels good to have a community.

Oh, and hi Michaela! *waves*