The Big O (Not Oprah)


My little one is thrashing around next to me, threatening to wake up and demand full access to one or more of my boobs. It is a hard life. Sleep. Poop. Eat. Demand attention. Re-discover toys. Get kisses.

I have been experiencing weird cravings lately. Strong. Definate. I may be over my excessive sushi craving that drove me to eat it some 4 to 6 times a week. Right now, I find myself eating Jack cheese with parsley and chives (yes, it is kosher), cut into chunks and served with Rudi's whole wheet tortillas, lightly pan fried. Before that, and before sushi, it was butter-braised Honey Nut Cherrios with a touch of peanut butter thrown in and melted at the last second. And before that one, it was dark cholocate dipped in almond butter.

No. I am not pregnant.

Other than my continued obsession with weird food cravings, we are planning a short trip to Chicago for Thanksgiving. We have no money to spend but since I will have a few days off in a row and I desperately need some kind of sanity break, we are heading out that way. If you know of a cheap hotel that accepts pets, please let me know.