November Blues


There are so many potential blogs that I could write this morning. I could write about the rough weekend I had with my 13-year old and how difficult it can be to help him manage his emotional and mental problems. It enrages me and also at the same time breaks my heart.

I could write about sushi. My addition to it. The ways in which I manipulate my family to get everyone on board to have sushi yet again.

I could write about my first book nook meeting (over sushi) and the book we read "Septembers of Shiraz." How I am enjoying having a book twin (hi, Rachael!).

I could write about the new president. The hope we are all experiencing. My disappointment that he is labeled "African-American" instead of "bi-racial"...once again closeting a bi-racial person to be in one camp or the other.

I could write about recent friend-events...sushi with Aura and Lisa, French breakfast with Erin, carpool line van talks with Heidi, Dorian's birthday, CooperElla with Rob...

I could write about so many things. However, my desire is to write about nothing. Not nothing in a Seinfeld sense. Just nothing. I cannot conjure up an entry about any of those things even though I probably have more material than usual to write about.




Rach said…
That is so funny - I think we are now blog twins because I have "pre-written" almost the same post but didn't post it. I feel the same way.

It is like there is a lot to say but no energy to say it with... life has been full of disappointments and excitment lately.