A BlessingWay


A BlessingWay is a ceremony. A mama-ceremony. A traditional American Indian ceremony held during pregnancy. I helped create and then attended it the other day. Not attend--wrong word. I was present. In the moment. Partook of. A Jewish-infused BlessingWay. For Heidi.

It is rare for me to experience and be present in the moment, a moment of spirituality. I don't even like that word because there is so much attached to its now-meaning. I am unsure of what other word to use. It is rare for me to be in the moment to the degree that I am able to feel oneness and feel connected in that other sort of way.

Heidi's BlessingWay was a portal to that.

Heidi, you see, is an amazing person. She would shake her head at that description, I know. But she is. She is kind, thoughful and never brash. She knows hospitality extends in but also outside of the home. She surrounds herself with amazingly spiritual people--like Jen, who I got to know a little better through the planning of the Blessingway and for whom I am completely in awe of.

Heidi is a hard worker, a real and down to earth person, a natural mama. She is vulnerable. Strong. Involved. She bakes better than anyone I know. I love her challah and chocolate chip cookies, especially. I also appreciate the "little things" with Heidi. I cherish our emails detailing the ups and downs of daily life, a good game of WordTwist and lunch over Indian.

Heidi will soon give birth to twin boys. Her life is going to change. How can it not? I know that our friendship will once again morph into something that fits her changing needs as a new mom of twins (and a mother of four) just as it did when I became a new mama again. I embrace whatever change that brings because I know it will ultimately be one of support for each other--however it manifests itself, however it ebbs and flows.

Heidi's BlessingWay was a way to connect to her...and to my other women-friends. It was a ceremony of love, honor and connectedness to each other while embracing the changes of life around us and in particular celebrating the emergance of Heidi as mama-sista-friend!



Nursing twins can be especially challenging.

For support, Heidi can call the La Leche League line 1-599-52-582-1.

Though anyone can help her, there are several LLL leaders who have nursed twins and are always happy to help other mothers of multiples.

Blogger SquarePeg613 is also a mother of twins.
Kalanit said…
Thank you! I will pass this on to Heidi.