The amazing thing about Facebook is the sheer number of people with whom one has lost touch with that can be re-found using this technology. There are some people that I nostalgically miss. Some of them were Alissa Krinsky from 2nd grade, Hartley Comfort from 9th grade, Timmy Roberts from 10th grade, Scott Arnold from all high school grades, Tracy Benson from 2nd through 6th grade, Rhian Jones from grade and middle school...there are others I haven't found yet, like Scott Wells and Mike Richmond from grade school, Vonnie Ford from middle school, Tori Young from grade and middle school, Curt Wintrode from high school and that guy from Spain named Guilarmo from high school. Oh, and Shelly Simpson from Australia!

Also, though, Facebook can be a major distraction. The word games are addicting. Keeping up with the volume of requests, gifts, etc. is demanding. As I type, I have some 120 requests. I will NEVER to get to them all. How could I? I should just let Alia hit accept on all of them. She would probably enjoy such clicking privileges!

Regardless, at the moment, I am really enjoying Facebook and everyone's status updates.



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