The first night of Chanukah was really nice. We spent it with friends with whom we had not yet socialized. The group of women were friendly, funny and nice to be around. We really enjoyed spending time with them.

Neviyah cut her first tooth a couple of days ago. Although it was hard to verify due to her locked-shut-mouth syndrome every time I tried to check, eventually I was able to get my finger in there to verify that indeed, the tooth had made it through the gum.

Since then, she has been experimenting with chomping down on my poor little num-nums. Aliyah did not really play around with teething on me while breastfeeding. However, Neviyah thinks it is worth trying occassionally. Not much fun. My strategy so far is to immediately pop her off the boob, exclaim loudly, "Ouch! No-no-no-no-no!" Her reaction thus far: stare at me blankly then pop back ON the boob. If this continues, then the next step will be to put the boob away after such an incident.

Soon (two weeks) I will turn 39. Seems odd that I am so close to 40 on the one hand. On the other, I can barely believe I will only be 39--afterall, this body feels closer to 68!



Step 1 worked for me.

My kids learned really quickly that I was not going to nurse them if they bit me. So, they stopped biting.

The first time my eldest bit me, I screemed so loudly. I am not sure who was more traumatized -- her or me. We both learned....