The Newness


Neviyah is crawling! Three days now. She is so cute and precise. She reminds me of those crawling baby dolls from when I was little. Very mechancial. Neviyah's favored spot at work now that she is mobile is directly under my desk. I guess it is like a fun clubhouse to her. Rob came to work with me yesterday and managed to get all the wired under there put up so that there is nothing left for her to try to grab. Did that ever tick her off!

Alia lost her second tooth!!! Little Miss Realist informed Rob and I that there is no Tooth Fairy. She knows it is one parent or the other. She also informed us that she knows that parents sometimes tell their children that their pictures look good when really they don't. Oy! We asked her where she "learned" all of this and she stated that no one told her anything. She just knows it. We then let her know there would be no reason to put her tooth under her pillow with that sort of knowledge. She made an exastperated noise, rolled her eyes and said, "Just because I know the Tooth Fairy isn't real doesn't mean I don't want to play the game!" That's my Alia.

You may be pleased to know that Chandler cut his fro. Even he couldn't handle it anymore. It would be different if he was interested in washing it occassionally or picking it out or activating the curl. No. He is a teen boy. No interest in that sort of thing. So, when he had enough--he broke his goal of "not cutting his hair until the end of the year." His new end of year goal? Supposedly, he says he is going to "color his hair pink for the last day of school." Whateva!