Before I start, there are parenting things that I pride myself on. Cloth diapers. Co-sleeping. Breastfeeding. No spanking. Making baby food. And let me preface this with letting you, the reader, know how much I absolutely love and adore my beautiful 7-month old baby girl named Neviyah. She is pure light. And I cannot imagine what I possibly did to deserve such a joy in my life.

She does, though, puzzle me.

No, I will not rant on the breastfeeding issues (mainly, new readers, that she breastfeeds merely for food and not enjoyment) or the snuggling issues (more accurately, her lack of snuggling). No, I am back on the food issue.

I made Alia's baby food and she gobbled it up at 7 months three to four times a day. With Neviyah, I am lucky if I get ONE SPOONFUL down her. I have tried potatoes, avocado, carrots, bananas, sweet potato, rice, oatmeal, banana-carrot-combo, potato-carrot-combo, sweet potato-banana-combo...to no avail.

Today, Rob bought *gasp* baby food in a jar. Granted, it is Earth's Best organic and natural...but still!!! I grudgingly attempted to feed her some, sure she would clamp her mouth shut, refuse the accept it and if any happened to make it into her tender little mouth, she would promptly spit it out.


Yes, of course, I am pleased that she ate. It makes me happy for her to be nourished. On the other hand--what?!? What is wrong with my food? Why won't she eat my food?!? Is this child going to deny me the opportunity to lovingly prepare her baby food?!? She is already denying me leisurely breastfeedings and snuggles. Now this, too?




Rach said…
ohhhh... now you feel my pain! Adeena did the same thing. They are definatley twins separated before conception! Is that possible hehe.
Anonymous said…
maybe the whole carrot/banana/potato thing was getting a little 'bland'?

Try chocolate pudding..she will love it!

I know your intentions are wonderful...I did the same, but with my second child, due to poor eating like your little baby..I eventually found an organic 'apricot custard' and she loved it! She gained a little weight..which was needed and then she seemed to naturally gain her appetite for the healthier options again. Worth a try.
Anonymous said…
Joslyn didn't eat more than 4 bites of anything pureed in her whole life, no matter if it was purchased or made by me. Actually, she didn't eat anything at all really, except those puff things, until she was over 1. She was definitely a boob girl and saw no reason to eat anything else. It's funny because I was pretty sure I'd be sending Adin to college with baby food because he couldn't manage anything with texture for a long time.