Home At Last


We are home!!! We were discharged last night. Yay! Neviyah has seven days worth of antibiotic to take then she will need to go back to the hospital for a repeat of all the tests she had before, including the voiding cystogram. Then we meet with the Urologist to discuss the plan, i.e. which surgery he prefers. He mentioned something about "within two weeks or so" but maybe I misheard him.

We are so glad that Neviyah is no longer spiking 104.4 degree fevers, isn't vomiting, crying, moaning, lethargic...it is nice to see her beautiful eyes not her sick-eyes, and we are grateful that she sustained no kidney damage!

As you may know, Saturday afternoon, Rob came down with the flu and had to go home. Sunday night, around 11:30 p.m., I began vomiting. Poor Neviyah...sick with two sick parents unable to appropriately care for her. Thankfully, my mom came to the hospital immediately and took care of Nevi while I laid in the hospital room moaning, puking and trying to deal with the flu. It was difficult to breastfeed with the flu but we managed. By the next day, I was able to have Neviyah lay in the bed with me but my mom still was the one who had to stand and hold her, change diapers, etc. THANKS, MOM!

So, we are all home. Rob is almost recovered from the flu. I am able to sit up and stand for short periods of time. Neviyah is happy to be home. She is enjoying her toys as if she has never seen them before. Aliyah and Chandler are glad we are home but they had an absolutely wonderful time hanging out with Aunt Kelly and playing Wii with Uncle Joe and George. At a moment's notice, my sister stayed with the well kids and enabled Rob to be at the hospital for the first days. THANKS, KELLY!

Also to mention is Rachael. She brought us lunch and dinner the first two days we were at the hospital. She also composed a beautiful healing ceremony for Neviyah that the four of us did on her first night in the hospital. It was a really beautiful thing to do and we really appreciate everything she did for us. We can always count on Rachael to elevate the mundane to something spiritual. THANKS, RACHAEL!

Thanks to my dad who drove from Ste. Gen to bring me Tylenol so I could try to get rid of the flu headache and body aches...and for going to Simon Kohn's to get dinner for Aliyah and Chandler. THANKS, DAD!

Lastly, thank you to all of you who called, left messages, Facebooked us, thought of us, prayed for us...we appreciate your love and concern. THANKS!!!



Rach said…
No thanks necessary, you and your famiy are like family to us. We are so glad that everyone is feeling better! Please let us know if there is anything else you need and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!