In the AM

It is 5:10 a.m. My family is sleeping. It is good to be home. Chandler has been Super Kid since we have been back. Aliyah has been the melt-down-Queen. Neviyah is squealing, laughing and smiling so much that I fear her cheeks will pop off.

Every trace of flu is almost gone. I will not go to work today but will try the meeting tonight for the retreat. Rob is back to normal. Thank G-d none of the other children caught the flu. Having the flu is miserable. I forget how miserable in between having it!

I am supposed to start a Jewish Business Ethics class on Thursday with Rabbi Avi but I will have to see how things are going. I may need to miss the first class due in part to exhaustion. Right now, that is my major symptom (besides nausea). In February I begin classes with one of my teachers, Rabbi Neal. He is teaching a class on past Rabbis and Tanya. I am really excited about it.

Anyway, it feels great to be home and to pretend that all is well with Neviyah--but, I know in a little over a week, we will be at the hospital doing testing and then some sort of surgery. This morning, however, she is laying next to me...looking sweet and well.

Neviyah and Grandma
(before getting sick)





Anonymous said…
I am so glad to hear that Nevi is feeling better and that you guys are over the flu. Ugh! How miserable you all must have been. Here's hoping Chan and Alia stay healthy!