Snow Dayz


It is a snow day!!! Yay!!!

I love snow days. No school! Lazy day! Hot chocolate! Fire in the fireplace! Hyper-snowy-dogs-running-through-the-house! Okay, strike that last one.

I do love snow days, though. Our yard is so pretty when it is blanketed in white. The crappy, sparse grass in the back looks fluffy. The common ground in back seems to go on and on and on. Even our worn deck looks inviting.

Snow days also become TV days and we rarely have those. Rob makes a fire and we all gather in the basement. Usually, I read and watch TV while the rest of the family watches something I am totally uninterested in--like Star Wars. Yes, I like the movie but not in its 4,328th showing. Still, it is nice to have all of our energies co-mingling! I am sure it will be slightly different today since there is now a baby in the picture. I doubt I will be reading. And we will have to be really careful of the fire as babies tend to gravitate toward fire (to burn themselves) and brick (on which to bang their heads or faces).

The other thing about snow days which I absolutely appreciate is how STILL everything seems. The outside. The inside. It seems quieter. More reflective. Slower paced. I love being transported into a different framework with which to view my routine and mundane life. Snow days just seem like a different backdrop to every day life and adds a little something different for the day.

Yay snowday!!!