Neviyah went to the hospital today for another voiding cystogram. This is where they catherize her, shoot her with dye then x-ray the results. As expected, her urine goes straight to her kidneys, more so on her right side but still visible on both sides. Neviyah cried hysterically during the test. I ran her half naked afterwards to the waiting room to breastfeed her to calm her down. She has now been sleeping for close to 2 hours. It exhausted her. Urologist will get results by tomorrow and then we will see what he recommends as a course of action. Will keep you informed.

Meanwhile, Neviyah is now clapping her hands. Yay! :)

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Heidi said…
Oh poor, poor Nevi! I can't imagine being there. I hope you get good results, or at the least the best one could hope for. Let us know if you need anything!

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