Update on Neviyah


This is the first opportunity I have had to update everyone on Neviyah. So sorry for the delay.

Basically, it started Thursday night with a fever. The doctor cultured her urine and while we all were hoping for an ear infection, what we got instead was colorful urine. Yes, another urinary tract infection.

Background: You may remember that Neviyah had one of these at four months and after much testing and such, we learned that she had uterer reflux. Her urine backs up to her kidneys. The treatment she has been undergoing ever since has been a low dose of antibiotic daily.

Back to now: The doctor did a direct admit to St. Something hospital. They administered an IV, performed another renal ultrasound and started intravenous antibiotics. Overnight, she shot fevers up to 104.6 on multiple occasions, vomited mass amounts of liquid and moaned in her sleep. It was pretty heart wreching.

Today, we noticed a bloody belly button and learned she has an infected herniated belly button. Her fevers have improved--only spiking to 102ish. Also, her renal ultrasound showed a reversal of the hydrophrenisis...her left kidney is no longer enlarged. This afternoon she was alert, smiling at times and generally much more content. We were feeling great and hopeful that maybe we would be able to go home tomorrow.

Tonight, her high fevers are back and she is again lethargic. She is receiving antibiotics by suppository to reduce the chance of vomiting. She is breastfeeding regularly but it looks like overnight is again going to be rough.

Please pray for, wish and send good thoughts to Neviyah for comfort and health!



Unknown said…
Kimber, thank you for posting Neviyah's condition. Our prayers are with your family for her to return to full health QUICKLY!
Barry Friedman
Anonymous said…
Kimber, my heart goes out to you all. I had a few scary trips to hospital with my oldest two when they were much younger and I know the helpless feeling that comes over you. But remember that there are so many people praying for you and little Nevi and sending her love. God is good, all the time, and He is there for you. With much love, Rhian xx