Sunday at the Hospital

Me, getting ready to blog.Grandma and Neviyah snoozing while I blog
Neviyah is still doing great. They have removed her two drainage tubes that were on each side of her uterer. The only thing she has left is a tube that is draining a little blood from her bladder. It is draining into a double diaper so there is nothing external on her right now. Yay!!!

She has done some really cute things in here, one of which is to play the violin with her two hands. Very cute. She also has taken to grunting when she doesn't get her way and although it is not meant to be cute, it surely is!

Today I was able to go to the Ronald McDonald Room to shower. Woo hoo! I feel so refreshed. There is still food from Shabbat left over and I have been nibbling on it every few hours. I am sure I will be 400 pounds by the time I leave this place.

Neviyah and I (and Grandma) have been on several walks today. We even went to the NICU window and they held up a baby for Neviyah to see. We plan to go on another walk when the therapy puppy will be at the Ronald McDonald room late this afternoon and evening.

Neviyah--cute after 3 days without a bath
Me--not so much



Anonymous said…
I am so pleased that all is going well for little Neviyah! Sending you all lots of love. Rhian xx