Neviyah is healing nicely. She started new medicine for her acid reflux and since then, she has been so much more happy and content.

Alia got a too-cute bob haircut. She also has a new attitude to go with it! Good attitude, that is!

After our heart-to-heart talk, Chandler has been such a kind and renewed child. I simply love to be around him when he is like this.

The company is doing great. People are still knocking on our doors...I feel like every staff memeber is a good fit for the positions we have...and my business partner and I are pursuing our 2009 goals for the business.

I feel like I can finally start moving forward again with personal pursuits and goals. The first thing on my list is to be more fluent in Hebrew and to learn to daven entirely in Hebrew (as opposed to the first few words in Hebrew and the rest in English). I am also interested to learn more of the customs and traditions with regard to the individual prayers from a more Traditional perspective.

And now, back to my delicious glass of bubbly wine!