It Has Been A While


A week without internet connection. The run around from AT&T. And now. Finally we have connection again.

Neviyah is doing great. And terrible. Physically, she is moving around just find. At times she is happy--really happy--like when she is taking a bath. I have never seen a child have so much joy. Her scar is ugly and knotty but is healing nicely.


She is also not happy. She keeps a poker face. She arches her back, rears her head back and screams. She doesn't allow us to cuddle with her when she is like this. The screaming is for no apparent reason and can last some time. Nothing comforts her. If we put her down, she makes it clear she wants to be held. It can be worse overnight. She isn't herself at other times, either. It is still soon after the surgery, I know. But she seems changed. Untrusting. Won't allow herself to fall asleep. Will go to great lengths to stay away--thrashing, screaming, arching.

Today we will try to get her into the doctor to make sure she doesn't have an ear infection or something like that. Next week is the Urology follow up appointment.



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