To PICC or Not to PICC


Last night, the plan was for a PICC line to be inserted this morning that would allow us to give Neviyah intravenious antibiotics from home. Upon discussion with the doctor, we learned that oral antis are not a good idea because they are not fully absorbed and have not been working in the instant case. We learned that anti shots are not the best choice because of how far into the muscle it would need to be injected. That spells painful, especially if Little Bit needed 14 days of it. Then we discussed the last option of just staying for a long time in the hospital. The decision became the PICC line.

I stopped food feeding at midnight and breastfeeding at 2 a.m.

This morning, Neviyah woke up screaming and signing "nummy." She was hysterical. At 8:30 a.m., they determined that she cannot have a PICC line inserted because she has no veins for them to work with. The 8 to 9 sticks she has received here so far have tapped out her veins.

The doctor came in to announce that she may end up being discharged with orals.


The fit I pitched last night about the PICC...their insistance that she needed to have one and that orals were not sufficient in this case...and that the BEST OPTION was to have intravenious antibiotics and the second choice to have them injected...why all the convincing if ORAL ANTIBIOTICS WILL WORK?!?


I really cannot talk about it. I am getting different stories from different doctors. I do not want to take this child home on orals only to have her reinfect before we can get this surgery done. Afterall, they are the ones who said that is what would happen.