Yes, it is Purim time again! The holiday where we read the entire book of Esther (complete with boos and groggers any time Haman is mentioned) and everyone dresses up. The holiday the kids love second-most!

This year, Chandler is going to be a woman, Alia will be a Ninja, Neviyah will be a lamb, Rob will be a king and I will be Gwenevere. We are spending the carnival on Sunday at our shul, the start of Purim (Monday night) at shul. Megilla reading at shul Tuesday morning. Parade at Alia's school before she is dismissed at noon then in the city in the afternoon for the major parade. I believe there is some kind of teen party Tuesday night or Wednesday night. Can anyone confirm or deny?

One of the central mitvahs of Purim is misloach manot or giving gifts of food to your friends. Usually Rachael and I get together and make hamantaschen but this year, it just didn't work out, mainly because we both have post-pregnancy-brain (or something like that). I still plan to assemble misloach manot bags for our friends...but I am saddened that I did not give Alia the experience of making the cookies to go into the bags.

Another mitzvah of Purim is that one should drink until one can't tell the difference between the cursed Haman and the blessed Mordechai. This one shouldn't be too hard considering that one glass of wine makes me loopy!

Happy Purim!