Good Karma


Do Jews believe in Karma? Essentially, Karma is the idea that everything is IN the system and what comes around, goes around. You can play around, manipulate or even attempt to harness the system but you cannot escape it. If you do something wrong, it will catch up with you--if not in this life, then in the next. Likewise, if you do good, good will come your way eventually.

There is so much good coming my way right now. I own a wonderful business that allows me the opportunity to make a difference by offering family-friendly policies, Going Green initiatives, full health coverage and flexibility.

I have a beautiful family. My husband graciously stepped away from his career to essentially be a stay-at-home dad in order to allow me to pursue the dream of owning my own business. We have a beautiful new baby girl who just turned one. Neviyah is so much fun. We are really enjoying having a little one around again. Chandler and Alia are growing up and even though my relationship with them is changing because of that, I love the closeness that we share.

I recently have been recognized for achievement in the corporate world. I had a wonderful time working with everyone on the Women's Spirituality Retreat. I was just installed on the board of trustees at my shul.

I am able pursue learning--which you know is my most favorite things to do--with Merav from Torah MiZion. I am able to participate in and build a second family with my chavurah, the Trancendence Chavurah. I have had the pleasure of being shaped and influenced by as well as developing a friendship with Dr. Rabbi Neal and Carol Rose. I applied for the Ruban Israel Experience and am keeping my fingers crossed (and knocking on wood and everything else superstitious).

The last year has just been amazing. Have I done something right and the universe is rewarding me? Have I done something terrible and this is the universal cruel joke because something terrible is around the corner? Is this me over thinking the good that is coming my way and I should just tell myself to shut up and enjoy it?

Karma. The Jewish Karma?



Rach said…
I believe in Karma. Karma is just our use of the energy in the universe and God is energy. I don't know if this is a Jewish believe, but it is essential to how I think about my life. You are a smart, kind, thoughtful and generous person so sit back and enjoy what is comming your way, you deserve it!