And The Winner Is


I keep encountering complete strangers who want to know "when I am due" and yet I keep finding myself laying in bed, typing on the computer and eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream (tonight it is Oatmeal Cookie Chunk). I guess I am aware that my lower tummy is getting huge but at the same time have no desire to eat less or exercise more. You know, my husband's tummy is quite a bit larger than mine and no one bothers to ask him if he is with child.

Today Merav and I studied the prayer that is said in the morning pertaining to the study of Torah. Some women do not pray this at all since Torah study is not obligatory for them. Some women pray it every day, regardless. We discussed many aspects of the prayer such as why it is important to say the blessing before study and what the rabbis of old had to say about not saying the blessing; the mirroring of written and oral Torah in the prayer; why the oral Torah part of the blessing comes before the written Torah part of the blessing; intention and its important with regard to study of Torah; what counts as study of Torah...we also took a little peak into the Gamara and discussed Halacha a bit. It was wonderful and thought provoking and I really enjoy learning with her.

Lastly, in case you didn't know, I am back on Facebook! Yay! Thanks to Will @ Facebook who looked into the matter cleared everything up.