I am a little disappointed in myself for eating the rest of the vanilla-caramel-waffle cone-chocolate chunk ice cream this afternoon because I really feel I would have appreciated it more if I would have saved it for right now. Instead, I am popping Toffifay's into my mouth at an alarming rate. Did I mention that I ate two brownies yesterday at shul. And I wonder why the tube around my tummy doesn't go away. Hello!

My eyes are burning and I wonder why I force myself to stay awake to write an uninspiring blog entry and to take quizzes on Facebook. I mean, is it really important that I know what type of wedding ring I am or what my inner Tarot card is? Afterall, I am probably going to wake up between 1 and 2 a.m. and be unable to fall back to sleep. I should take every opporunity to sleep NOW!

Just received tonight the first communcation from my business partner regarding his trip to China. His daughter has a 6 month internship there and he and his wife are visiting. The email was GREAT! He gave a lot of detail and I found myself thankful that he had written so much but wanting to read even more. I hope my communications from Israel are as well received.

Did I say ISRAEL? I am going to Israel! I am going to Israel! I am going to Israel! Oh, sorry. Got a little stuck there. WOW!

Did I mention I wish we had more ice cream in the house? I would even be fine with sliced pear and pepper jack cheese. No pears. No cheese. Oy! Sometimes I wish my tastebuds and cravings weren't so specific.