My blogger-friend, Treppenwitz, recently made a post about making choices and how some of those choices are made without a conscious or deliberate analysis. He went on to list some of his theoretical choices and now here are mine (in bold)...

  1. Milk chocolate or Dark chocolate
  2. Scotch or Bourbon
  3. Ketchup or Mustard
  4. Ice Cream or Sorbet
  5. Icing or No Icing
  6. Mac or Windows
  7. Pants or Skirt
  8. Long Hair or Short Hair
  9. Breast or Bottle
  10. Ice Cream Soda or New York Egg Cream
  11. Creamy or Chunky
  12. Isle or Window
  13. Smoking or Non-smoking
  14. Plane or Train
  15. White Gold or Yellow Gold
  16. Rocks or Neat
  17. Steam Room or Sauna
  18. Tea or Coffee
  19. Sugar or Splenda
  20. Fiction or Non-fiction
  21. Sleep or Work
  22. Flats or Heals
  23. Meat or No Meat
  24. Sauce or Dry Rub
  25. Automatic or Stick Shift
  26. Bar Soap or Body Wash
  27. Dressed Salad or Dressing on the Side
  28. Driver or Passenger
  29. Seek-n-Find or Crossword
  30. Now or Later
  31. Coke or Pepsi
  32. White Wine or Red Wine
  33. Cranberry Mimmosa or Orange Juice Mimmosa
  34. Reality TV or Documentary
  35. CNN or BBC
  36. Camping or Lodging
  37. Beaching or Hiking
  38. White or Wheat
  39. Betty or Wilma
  40. Tom or Jerry



Martiel said…
What is a NY egg cream?