Is Super-Exhausted a Word?


I am exhausted. So this is what it feels like to go camping at 39. Oy!

I must say right off the bat that my family is wonderful! Chandler had a great attitude all weekend. The usual things that trigger his mouth to run before his brain were there but he was on top of his super-great-kid-ness! He turned 14 Saturday and I must say that his humor and maturity this weekend were a blessing.

Neviyah, first time camping, adapted beautifully! She was a happy little girl with a big appetite. We thoroughly enjoyed her presence.

Alia was kind, helpful, excited and pointed out the obvious beauty in everything. She is turning into such a lovely girl and I couldn't be more proud of her.

Rob, as usual, set up camp, cooked all the meals, did most of the maintaining and broke camp back down. He did a great job at everything. I would be lost without him.

Friday and Saturday were spent with the Friedman's. You'd think camping with two 4 month olds and one 13 month old would be stressful but it wasn't. It was one of the most relaxed camping trips we have been on. Leisurely, enjoyable. Lunch at Elephant Rocks was delicious even though it was just PBJ, fruit and veggies.

Heidi got wicked allergies throughout Saturday until it appeared her head would explode. I felt so bad for her as they didn't make it out on the road until around 9 p.m.--probably some 5 hours later than they needed to leave, considering Heidi's deteriorating condition. I hope she is feeling better. That same night, Chandler got a migraine and slept from after dinner (brief wake-up for smores) until the next morning.

Saturday to Sunday were spend with just us--Rob, Alia, Chandler and Neviyah. It was perfect. They kids were great. The family interaction was great. Even the rain didn't matter. Chandler was hilarious and we had so many good laughs. The only bad parts, aside from Chan's migraine, were the dogs vomiting on the way home...and Alia vomiting on the way home.

I am so looking forward to camping again. It couldn't come soon enough...even though I am completely exhausted. Or, rather, super-exhausted!