The Mezuzah of Your Dreams


We have all heard by now that Farrah Faucett passed away this morning and that her death was upstaged by the sudden passing of Michael Jackson. And while I feel a sense of loss because they were both such visible cultural icons, I cannot get into the "frenzy" that is ensuing.

Instead, my thoughts are drawn to a wonderful learning session I went to this morning. I wish I would have either taken notes or tape recorded it because I am already forgetting too much of what I learned from her. One thing that sticks out in my mind is really just a simple concept. A reframing.

Shema. Shema, Yisrael, Hashem Elohenu, Hashem Echad. Listen, Israel. I am the Lord your G-d. I am One.

This appears in the mezuzah. The mezuzah is on the door post of the home. We touch it as we enter the home. It is the reminder to stop, connect and make the transition from everything we are outside of the home to the sanctuary of our home. We are marking that transition from outside to inside.

Fast forward to what we say at night before bed. Why do we say Shema at bedtime? What is its purpose? It is the mezuzah of our dreams. It is the reminder to stop, connect and make the transition from awakeness to our slumber. The same is true in the morning when we arise. This concept or way of explaining the Shema's purpose is really a neat one and one that my children are really going to "get."

Thank you to Carol Rose for bringing Rabbi Goldie to us and to Cyndee for hosting her. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from her and could have listened for HOURS!