This Father's Day was supposed to start with a visit to St. John's for Alia to donate to the Ronald McDonald Room all the food she collected in lieu of birthday gifts. Then a picnic with friends and their families at the park. Then our special time as a family with Rob.

Last night, however, ended with Rob in the emergency room and their recommendation that he stay overnight for evaluation. Chest pain. Radiating pain to the neck and jaw area. Preliminary tests came back fine. However, they still wanted him overnight due to the radiating pain in the neck/jaw area.

The kids and I got home around 9ish. Last I heard from Rob was 10:30 p.m.ish. He had just gotten a room (shared) and was going to try to sleep.

More updates later.



Martiel said…
Hope Rob is ok? did he have to spend Father's day at the hospital then? Let me know how I can help, I am at home all day till 4pm. Do you need any help watching Alia?