These Boots are Made for Walking


(Blogger ate my whole post. Grrrr. Recreating a post is hard. Blah!)

What a beautiful weekend. I spend a lot of it outdoors, walking. To tell you the truth, it is about time I got off my tuckus and started to do some moving around. It couldn’t have been a better weekend to kick that off. The weather was warm with a cool breeze. Some light sprinkles occurred but not much.

We walked around Creve Coeur Park. It has been a while since I last went there. I am pleasantly surprised at the walkway around the lake. It is shaded, beautiful and serene. I think I have a new lunch break pastime. I wonder how long it would take to briskly walk around the whole lake?

We also walked around Fast Lane cars. You may not think that counts but it was directly after Creve Coeur Park and it did involving walking both showrooms. Oh, to see Rob’s face when he found the 1967 Coronet R/T convertible! Priceless!

Then it was off to Old St. Charles’ Main Street. Alia’s favorite place to go. Her eyes get big with wonder. She loves the look and feel of it and really enjoys window-shopping at all the interesting store fronts. It was here that I realized I had blisters all over the balls of my feet. Ouch! Time to go!

Today we had our first work charity event—the Zoo stroller walk for charity. Not a lot of people could go. Just my family and Rachael’s family attended from work. That totals 8 people and when looked at from that perspective, I think it was a great turnout. The walk was a mile but it only felt like a few blocks. Alia, Eli and Rachael ran it.

Lastly, we walked around the zoo. The rain was threatening to come down so the walk was cut a bit short but there WAS walking around the zoo so I am counting it! All together, I believe we walked some 15 to 20 miles this weekend. Yay me!

The results? Blisters. Solution? Do not wear sandals.

The results? Stiff calf muscles. Solution? Walk more regularly.

The results? A good work out but not a cardiovascular one. Solution? Work towards a brisker

I would have to say that this weekend was productive health-wise, beautiful weather-wise and comforting company-wise.