Another Great Weekend


Wow! Two great weekends in a row? What the heck is going on?!?

Swimming with Amy was a lot of fun. More than fun, it was relaxing! We have a lot in common and I love our conversations. Dinner at the Friedmans was also so relaxing. We hadn't been to the Friedman's in a long time and it was nice to spend Shabbos with them. Saturday while my family was at shul, I went to the park with Martiel and her friend. We had a really nice time. Saturday night Havdalah is like being with Family. I so treasure that group of people and the wonderful teachings from Rabbi Neal. Tonight we are spending time with our Chavurah (Rachael, Neil, Heidi, Dan, Neshama, Brian, Leah, Steven) for a sad occassion--to say goodbye for now to the Rose's--but I am sure it will be a good time since we will all be getting together.

Life seems to be on track right now. Yay!